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Lani Kay Ackerman. Ke Garne? Sustainable Christian Community Development in the Himalayas. Bloomington, IN: Author House, 2014.
Pabitra M. Bhandari, April 20, 2020

Ke Garne? is a work of a missionary who spent a significant portion of her life (with her family) serving God, by serving the Nepali people. She has identified the major issue of karma and fatalism in Nepali society and saw a great need to break the barrier created by the fatalistic concept in the society. This book can be taken as a missionary's reflection on the situation of Nepal which is committed to enabling Nepalese people to commit in the society. Unlike other missionary biographies, Ke garne? equally reflects on key biblical passages and shows the importance of incarnational mission in the country. Ke garne? documents both the spiritual growth of the Nepali Christians and the author as well. Ke garne is not a book that brags about the author's missionary dedication in a third-world country but rather their struggle to enable the native Nepali people to be involved in their own ministry. Nepali Christianity can learn a lot from this book that it shows the importance of the synergy between belief in the Lord and involvement in the community. Nepali Christianity should not focus only on the ritual changes of their religious behavior but should opt for a change in the course of the community life. Their love for God should be reflected in their love for neighbors. Many times, in Nepal, mission work that is committed to helping society and the works to evangelize the people are separate. Probably that’s due to government restrictions. However, if we make Nepali Christian see the importance of such mission works as a Christian would bring a great change in the country. Ke Garne? shows the necessity and works to fulfill it.  

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